Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Say "no" to neck pain!
In this age of rush, it is not always possible to keep neck erect, while working. May it be computer work or writing. May it be school studies or making chapatis at home, our neck is always bent! We are not conscious about this posture till it hurts. But when the pain starts we start cursing it. Actually if we take proper measures such incidence wouldn't happen.

See it this way, the movement of other joints is seen but neck movements is not observed in each type of work, still muscles of neck are always at work to keep it erect. In sitting/standing work of neck muscles continuously goes on. And for this reason neck muscles need to be stronger. Similarly, it is important to rest neck muscles while sleeping.  

When sleeping, the mattress and pillow should give firm support to neck muscles maintaining normal neck curvature. The reason why we have to use pillow, is to fill up gap between shoulders and head. Now if you use a very thick pillow your neck will remain in bent position, if you use very thin pillow neck will be unsupported and will fall backwards. In both these cases there will be stress on neck leading to stiff neck. So choose pillow with optimal height and proper firmness. The cervical pillows or neck pillows available in market are not for everyone consult your therapist before using them.
Watching T.V. or reading in sleeping position is so very common. We see it as a relaxation, in reality it gives lot of stress to neck muscles as the muscles are stretched in one direction and they do not get rest in between. So needs to be totally avoided.

If you are doing most of your work in sitting, as writing/ typing/ reading or computer use, it is necessary to move your neck and shoulder joints in the middle of task. Everyday stretching and strengthening exercises are also helpful as they improve muscle working capacity and posture.

Some of us travel a lot. Continuous vehicle driving gives shocks to discs between the neck vertebra. Disc being important shock absorbing structure of the body is likely to get damaged because of it. To avoid this, keeping neck musculature to its healthiest state is the best solution, yes that needs exercises! Having healthy muscles will ease off load from the discs and slow down their process of wearing out (degeneration). Maintaining good neck posture and taking proper breaks in between are very useful.

The exercises chalked out by your therapist should be done regularly. There are two types of exercises. One, that will improve the strength of neck and shoulder muscles, which will increase work capacity. Another type will give flexibility of muscles which will improve posture.

Think about prevention in time and improve health of your neck now.

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